Tumblr’s idea of social justice is so fucked up that people who are dirt poor and barely have enough to survive are considered privileged if their skin is the wrong color or they’re the wrong gender. 


Say, in a perfect world, everybody would have rainbow privileges.

Now, a cis poor mentally stable, physically crippled white straight male might not have red, yellow and violet privilege, but they still might have some blue, orange, green and indigo privileges that are innate traits (ie: cis white straight male) that the person is born with.

Just as a cis brown rich lesbian girl will lack the green, indigo and blue privilege but will possess red, violet, orange and yellow privilege just from being wealthy, cisgender and healthy- both mentally and physically.

When talking about issues related to not having green privilege, the first person will speak from a point of privilege, while the second one will be speaking from a point of oppression.

We cannot weight which privileges are the best ones to have. Ideally, everyone would have multiple privileges, they would have all of them, the rainbow. But society isn’t keen on people having a full rainbow, because they’d rather see everyone grey and mopey. So there you are, being privileged in one area and being oppressed in another.

Having a privilege isn’t having a illness. You shouldn’t be ashamed to have some. You should cherish them, even. Be aware of them so that you can see some people don’t have them.

Debating on which privilege is the worst when it’s missing is silly and immature. I think for one that missing multiple privileges is the worst, period. Multiple oppression makes microagressions turn into long term, never ending subconscious social harassment.

I’m a poor unemployed cripple (with both visible and invisible illnesses), sometimes wheeler, sometimes tripede, mentally unstable transman (which means I’ve also lived female oppression first hand being raised as female : you can’t shake off the feelings of insecurity -that were ingrained in your brain from the most tender age- you get walking home alone at night even when you’re starting to grow a beard..), who also identifies as gay (even if pansexual might be more accurate). I also am a clinical genius (which is both a blessing and a curse) in a culture revolving around the mediocre. I was born a redhead (witch hunts, anyone?) and I experienced (extreme) racial discrimination from my most tender age due to being extremely pale in a mostly native neighborhood (yet I can’t call the murder attempts I survived at the age of 8 or all the beating up or the name-calling “racism” - the headmistress called it “playing games”). I am also not conventionally attractive - in both gender conventions - even if I’m skinny (and no thanks being skinny isn’t a privilege, especially when being skinny is nothing but genetics or not being able to eat properly or other dreadful stuff. Being average is, tho, because everything is cut out for the average person).

But I’m also white (which, in most situations, is in my favor), over 18, and, when I finally pass full time as male and if I can keep my trans status a total secret, I will benefit from male privilege. I have all my limbs even if, with the pain I’m in, I wish I did not. I am not illiterate and I can even speak english, the international language, as my second language. I ate today. I am in a relationship with someone I deeply love and trust, and we had the chance to get married (even if it was a small wedding, mainly for official records, mutual protection and paperwork). I am aware of who my parents are and I am still able to maintain a relationship with them (even if it may terminate once I come out). I have a bank account and some (even if little) money in it. I am lucky enough to be using my own computer, even if I had to put myself into debt to get a new one because my older machines broke. I also am able to make ends meet enough to have the internet. I have a few friends. I’m not not struggling with a life-threatening illness (even if I did wish that damn painful incurable chronic illness was fatal, for god’s sake). I have easy access to clean, safe to drink water. I was able to have a diploma (fight thru the illness, thank the public education system and the cripple grants I got). I have all 5 senses, even if I wish they turned it down a little (hypersensitivity oops)..

One story doesn’t erase the other.

Now, please, stop belittling social justice on the behalf of some people with a poor comprehension of how the world works.

I’ll end this wall of text by saying….

Fuck this shit, I CANNOT physically sleep and yet sleeping pills are still considered a comfort by health insurances. Yes, that’s a fitting conclusion.



There are still white people putting braids in their hair.

This just in: if your skin is too pale other people have to decide for you what you can and cannot do with your hair.

Great, now, I’m afraid getting my (past buttlenght) hair up in a protective hairstyle for my upcoming surgery and convalescence because I may or may not offend people causing potentially violent reactions. As if being a man with very long hair wasn’t already a cause of concern.

At least I’ll probably be doing twists. or maybe it’s even worse to do twists because I’m not even supposed to know they exist *gasp*


Isn’t  saying x people can’t do y because they aren’t z the very foundation of any -ism?


i hate that “LOL SO IF WOMEN ARE EQUAL CAN I PUNCH YOU” shit bc 1 in 3 women are abused

y’all are already punching us

the issue is that we’d like you to stop

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heard u were talking shit

i cant believe ive never noticed their ears before

Bird ears are holes without any cartilaginous structure around it to capture more sound. They are hidden under the cheek feathers. When the bird is wet, you can see them easily thru the plumage ~


Chickens are special, they have earlobes!

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Aleister Crowley: promoter of the true Gnosis.

Do What Thou Wilt



Aleister Crowley: promoter of the true Gnosis.

Do What Thou Wilt

Dangan Ronpa Mastermind Headcanons


So yeeeeah, I’ve been thinking about how to make each of the Dangan Ronpa cast a Mastermind, and here’s the end result. Strap in everyone, ‘cos this is gonna be a long (and spoiler-iffic) post! Seriously though, it’s  nearly 3,700 words so… uh…

Lots and lots of spoilers for the first Dangan Ronpa game past the read more!

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Mattel releasing signature MH dolls as SDCC exclusives year after year is nothing but a slap to the face of the hardcore fans.



And that’s the truth and we all know it.

Please try to not look at it this way.

Many of these characters would never see the light of day without Comic Con. I would hope that even a small chance of getting them would be looked as an opportunity.

As a collector and fan of many things myself, I have looked at exclusives as an opportunity. Even with a small chance of getting it, at least there is a chance.

Comic con is my chance to say thank you to all the fans. I hope you can all see it that way too.

When you don’t even live anywhere near the US, a convention exclusive AND this answer is an even bigger slap to the face. A small chance? What chance? The chance I might accidentally spontaneously teleport into another country around a convenient time with enough money to get it?

I wonder if anyone would be interested in buying high quality, accurate Asahina Aoi paperclip hairpin made from fimo and metal wire with a flat crocodile clip as an attachement method?

I made mine and I’m quite pleased with the results, and I see this is a part of the cosplay that’s often overlooked…. I just want to test the waters before I invest in anything.